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Scleral Lenses May be the Answer to Your Vision Needs in Sunnyvale

If you have been told that contact lenses probably will not work for you there may well be another answer. Or perhaps you have tried contact lenses but were unable to continue because you have an irregularly shaped cornea or some other eye problem. Perhaps it's time to look let us introduce you to a type of contact lens known as a “scleral lens.”

Scleral lenses often enable people to wear contacts and enjoy all the advantages they offer. 

What is a Scleral Lens?

Scleral lenses are larger lens that rests on the white of the eye (the sclera) or, rather the colored portion of the eye (iris). Since a scleral lens covers a larger portion of the eye it creates pockets of artificial tears. The result is greater durability and sharper vision. The larger size also leads to a lower risk of complications and easier handling. 

Scleral lenses replace the irregular surface of the cornea with a perfectly formed optical surface. They ensure perfectly clear vision that other vision aids such as eyeglasses or traditional contacts cannot provide.  Because these lenses collect an extra reservoir of liquid, they provide a comfort level that traditional contacts cannot for those with an irregularly shaped cornea. 

Who Should Try a Scleral Lens?

Scleral lenses may be what you need if:

  • You have an irregularly shaped cornea due to eye surgery, kerataconus, or some other condition.
  • If traditional contact lenses have tended to move in your eye or dislodge frequently due to an irregularly shaped eye.
  • If you have chronic dry eyes or have eye pain resulting from light sensitivity, post-LASIK complications, or an eye injury. 

What is Involved?

It does take a greater amount of time for your optometrist to acquire a corneal topography, customize a scleral lens that works best for you, and ensure it is as comfortable as possible. 

Seral lenses are significantly more expensive than traditional and soft or gas permeable contact lenses but they are the most comfortable and, often, only way accurate vision can be provided for those suffering from keratoconus, severe dry eye, or other similar eye conditions.

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